Cleansing Wash | Botanica

Product Description


Botanica's Cleansing Wash, cleans and sterilises affected skin areas and has a soothing effect. It can be used on broken skin and insect bites, and is a completely natural product. Non-silicone and water based, Botanica cleansing wash can be used to help detangle air, prevent dandruff, clean wounds, soothe raw and inflamed skin, remove make-up, clean acne and much more!

To use, Botanica's cleansing wash , shake well and dilute two capfuls in roughly two litres of warm water

Instructions for use: Shake well. Dilute two capfuls of Botanica Cleansing Wash in approximately two litres of warm water. Bathe the affected area with a soft cloth or sponge. This should be used to cleanse the area before applying Botanica herbal cream, animal care cream or anti-itch cream.

Ingredients: Water based moisturiser, tea tree oil, oil of lavender.

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