About us

Seaweed For You sells seaweed products for eating and bathing in. Our seaweed is sustainably harvested from the Atlantic waters off the West coast of Ireland. These fresh, pristine waters provide the wild seaweed the nutrients they need to be a top quality addition to any diet. Certified organic the seaweed we use is dried at low temperatures between 30 to 35 degrees.  

Based in South County Dublin we sell direct to our customers through our online store aswell as supplying stockists throughout Ireland and the UK. If you would like to become a reseller, please get in contact with us.

We have three different product ranges; dried and milled seaweed that has the iodine levels verified for each batch, raw seaweed,  and seaweed baths - these are an excellent accompaniment to any beauty regime.

Dried and milled seaweed with verified Iodine levels

At present we sell two dried and milled seaweed products that are an excellent addition to any diet. With many people in the UK and Ireland not consuming enough iodine and being mild or moderately iodine deficient, we verify the iodine levels in each batch so the consumer knows exactly how much they are consuming. Asides from this the seaweeds that we use have a balanced range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are bio-available.

The seaweeds are also an excellent source of dietary fibre.


Sea Spaghetti

Raw seaweed

We sell two types of raw seaweed, that are not tested for iodine levels. This seaweed is sustainably harvested wild seaweed from the Atlantic waters off of the west coast of Ireland. The two raw seaweeds that we sell are:


Irish Moss

Irish Seaweed Baths

Our Irish seaweed baths help to turn a normal bath into a saline heaven. Both of our baths are presented in organic muslin cloth and are very easy to use. Simply run the bath as normal and drop the cloth into the running water. With a gently squeeze of the bag and a steep for ten minutes or so, the bath is ready to go. Relax, unwind and nourish your skin with these two excellent baths.

The Irish seaweed baths that we sell at the moment are:

Wild Irish Seaweed and Virgin Irish Deep Sea Salts

Sustainably Harvested Wild Irish Seaweed Powder


Irish Sea Salt Baths 

We use an Irish sea salt that is pumped from deep below the surface and is extracted without the use of any chemicals. When you are finished using the bath you can then use the muslin cloth.

Virgin Irish Deep Sea Salts

If you require any further information about us or any of our products, please get in contact. You can either contact us by email at info@seaweedforyou.com or by telephone on + 353 (0) 87 245 4194