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Tincture bottle of bright eyes by holistic hound. A natural, herbal drop solution to ease any eye discomfort or dryness. Can help to soothe eye irritations and reduce tear staining.

Bright Eyes | Holistic Hound

Dog Eyes

Bright Eyes is a herbal solution to ease any eye discomfort and dryness in dogs. An excellent accompaniment to Oculus Prime (the natural seaweed blend that controls weeping eyes from...

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Tincture bottle of worms away from holistic hound. Worms away is a  natural, herbal alternative to chemical worming.

Worms Away | Holistic Hound

Fleas and Worms

Worms Away is a natural alternative to chemical worming, handmade in Ireland. A herbal solution it eliminates intestinal parasites, round worms and tape worms. Worms Away also supports the stomach...

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